Did you just spend big bucks on new spherical lens goggles ? Are you scratching your lenses by scraping them with your grimy glove or some hard-edged P.V.C. scraper ? Does your lens look like your windshield on a bad day ?

You need a SEEBLADE®. These nifty gizmos are the answer.

• SEEBLADE® is made from a synthetic rubber that will NOT scratch your lenses and stay pliable at any temperature.

• SEEBLADE®  has a curved edge that fits spherical lenses perfectly but is still soft enough to to be effective on flat lenses.

• Adjustable VELCRO (TM) band will fit any size finger or thumb, with or without a glove.

• SEEBLADE® is bright orange making it easy to find in your kit or in the snow.

• 40 cents from every SEEBLADE® supports persons with disabilities.
Select 'CONTACT / ORDER' from the main menu to order your own SEEBLADE® for only $8.95 us / $9.95 cad.



SeeBlade® is now NEW and IMPROVED!
Redesigned for increased effectiveness and to accommodate modern spherical lenses. With a wider velcro band for better holding power!

The SEEBLADE® makes wiping your goggles with anything else obsolete. Rain, sleet or snow can impair visibility through goggles or eyeshields. The SEEBLADE® is the most efficient way of restoring this all important visibility. It features a fully adjustable VELCRO band that secures to any size finger (or thumb). The SEEBLADE® is only 0.6 inches tall and will not interfere with ski pole straps or grips. It is the easiest, fastest goggle wiper to use as one need only raise the back of the hand to the goggles and wipe from side to side to restore vision instantly, while in motion, a claim no other wiper can make.

The SEEBLADE® is made of rubber (not PVC) and will remain flexible in sub zero temperatures. It will not scratch even the most sensitive iridium lenses.
By avoiding scratches, you protect expensive lenses and your eyesight.

love the advantages of the SEEBLADE®



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